Storytelling For Early-Stage Founders

Startups need to tell stories to stay relevant

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Startups can no longer afford to be faceless in a highly competitive ecosystem.

Startups must convey their stories with empathy and connect deeper with their target audience to survive.

What is Storytelling?
Storytelling is when you pass across the most incredible amount of information in the fewest possible words.

As a startup founder, if you are trying to include storytelling in your growth strategy, you must have a realistic understanding of what storytelling is. Storytelling metrics are not equivalent to sales metrics. Different goals exist within storytelling. These goals include awareness, perception building, trust-building, and education.

How do you know what Stories to tell as an early-stage startup?

People know their problems; they may not know how to articulate them. By asking better questions and listening to what is said and unsaid, you will be able to extract what is essential to them and their pain points, and you will be able to make stories out of that. Many startups use surveys in research, but a better way to get answers from people is through conversations. Have conversations, prioritize conversations too, listen and also tell.

How do you tell your story as an Early Stage Startup?

  • Set goals
    Founders must be specific about what goal they want their startup to achieve with storytelling specifically. For starters, an early stage Startup would prioritize awareness and perception building.
  • Have Conversations
    Surveys may not bring out the accurate data you need, so you must engage in conversations. Listen to what is said and unsaid.
  • Be empathetic
    Stories that hold Top of Mind Awareness are the ones that connect to people’s pain points. Sharing your target audience’s pain points is one way to show empathy.
  • Write, publish and iterate
    There is no formula to storytelling. Experiment, do trial and error and iterate from what is not working to what is producing results.

Conversations fuel life. If your story is good enough, it will come up in conversations. Tell stories that emphasize how your startup solves people’s problems.

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You need to tell your story to survive as a startup
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We’re creating opportunities and designing experiences for early stage African founders to move from 0 to 1

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