Series on Startup Lingo: G

…terms you should know

2 min readOct 21, 2022

Heyyy Tribe

We have covered more than 20 terms so far and we have even more to cover. We are focusing on the letter G today.

Let’s dive in.

If you gamify something, you add a game layer to your product that encourages people to use it with rewards of various kinds.

Go-to-market Strategy (GTM)
A go-to-market (GTM) strategy is a step-by-step plan designed to successfully launch a product or service to market.

Growth Hacking
Growth hacking is a startup term for strategies focused solely on growth. It is generally used in relation to startups who require substantial growth in a short period of time on relatively small budgets — through non-traditional and inexpensive tactics like use of social media. It’s often a term used in, but not limited to, marketing.

Growth Stage
This describes the stage at which startups are refining their products, business strategies, and teams. Startups may also start seeking funding from VCs.

Guerilla Marketing
Guerilla marketing is used to create a buzz around the product or service and take the consumers by surprise. The hope is to create a memorable experience with the product to improve sales.

There you have it
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