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2 min readSep 30, 2022

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First-Mover Advantage
Being the first to invent a product/service will typically enable a business to gain a strong brand and customer loyalty before competitors enter the market. Another advantage of being a first-mover is you usually have more time to develop a cost-efficient scale-up, which will make it hard for your competitors to compete on price.

A freemium model is a business model providing a restricted version of a product or service for free, often with ads, with more advanced options available at a cost. an example would be YouTube, in which you have free access, with ads, while the premium version offers offers no interruptions plus some added benefits

Generally a term used to represent the process of generating capital via exchanging equity for external investment (can also include alternative means of generating capital such as crowdfunding or debt finance).

There you have it,
3 startup terms starting with the letter F
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