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2 min readSep 16, 2022

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We are moving forward with the terms. Feel free to add more in the comment section.

  • Decacorn
    It’s a startup that’s grown to be worth more than $10 billion e.g Slack.
  • Data room
    A data room, also known as virtual data room (VDR) is a secure online repository used for the storing and distribution of privileged data. Generally used to house documents relating legal proceedings, acquisition transactions or mergers.
  • Debt Capital
    Debt capital is the capital that a business raises by taking out a loan or other financial security
  • Disruption
    Disruption occurs when a product or service becomes popular enough to replace established competitors. When technology develops and replaces old technology, it’s considered disruptive. E.g. USB disrupted the floppy disk.
  • Down Round
    A fundraising round in which the startup is valued at a lower value per share than previous rounds.
  • Due Diligence
    Due diligence is a process where the business’s financial records are reviewed in order to assess the viability of an investment target and to ensure they have accurate information.

There you have it,
6 startup terms starting with the letter D
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