Lofty Ideas Don’t Always Make Great Companies

Victor Onyekere | Founder, Talemia

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We have something for you from our very own Victor Onyekere, The Strategist, Founder at Talemia. He has dedicated the past 5 years of his life working with millennials who desire to transition from their reality to their productivity. He has worked across multiple industries and sectors. Victor’s work cut across several expressions like coaching, strategy, training and mentorship.

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I interact with at least one entrepreneur/early stage founder everyday. Most of the time, I am listening to their ideas or looking at their product viability. The thing with the concept of idea is that almost everybody has one. Ideas are now easy to come by. We have become so emotionally attached to ideas that we forget the most critical player in the game - The Market [Users]. Oftentimes, people chat me up and say they’ve got this lofty and beautiful idea. Before they go on to share with so much excitement, I remind them that ideas are validated by the market and not the founder.

Having a lofty idea doesn’t guarantee building a great company. As lofty as your idea may be, there may be no market for such an idea. It’s important for early stage founders to detach emotionally from their ideas and think in terms of what the market needs at a particular time. It's smarter to find a problem and build your solution around it than building a solution and looking for the problem

Ideas will always keep pouring in, especially when you’ve got an entrepreneurial mindset but you need to audit each idea and assess the level of its viability. I personally coined a term for it - ‘’Idea-Problem fit’’. Your idea has to fit into an identified problem area. This is the bulk of work we spend time doing at Talemia, helping African founders in their earliest stage launch their startups faster than they can on their own. We figure out where they are stuck and get them to move faster towards launching out

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